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California Amtrak Crash

California Amtrak Crash

On Sunday, June 26, 2022, near Brentwood, California, an Amtrak commuter train collided with a car at an intersection that had no crossing arms. Sadly, this accident killed three people in the car. This is not the first crash at this crossing, yet trains are allowed to go up to 80mph at this site. BNSF Railway Company owns and operates the railway crossing.

According to The Guardian authorities said that the crossing is “highly potentially dangerous” and there are one to two accidents at the crossing a year. A local resident said he complained about the intersection and its safety problems for years. He told a local media outlet, the East Bay Times that he repeatedly asked BNSF to add a signed railroad crossing at the area. Because BNSF did not heed to his warning, he placed his own warning signs.

If you are injured in a train accident, a successful lawsuit against the railway company will depend upon having a tough and experienced attorney in railway accidents on your side. Yaeger & Jungbauer Barristers, PLC has been involved in railway litigation since 1929. We know railroad law and what to do when tragedy strikes. We know how to thoroughly investigate a railroad accident, preserve evidence, deal with the railroad, get you the medical care you need, and advise you every step of the way.

Attorney William Jungbauer has 44 years of litigation experience against railroads, including successful lawsuits against BNSF and Amtrak in derailments and fatal accidents.

For a free, no-obligation consult, please contact Attorney William Jungbauer at 651-288-9532 or email us at [email protected] or contact his Paralegal Roxanne Russell at [email protected].

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