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Blinded by the Light: Couple Narrowly Misses Motorcycle-Train Collision

A Fort Wayne, Indiana couple’s late afternoon ride on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle ended abruptly when the driver skidded to a stop at a nearby railroad crossing. The crossing’s arms were down and the crimson lights flashed to no avail. Blinded by the setting sun, the motorcycle driver never saw these signs until it was too Read More

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Touring Train and Truck Totaled in Deadly Collision

The Cheat Mountain Salamander is a sightseeing train named after a rare breed of lizard-like creatures found among the majestic red spruces of West Virginia. These magnificent trees, along with other species, draw crowds to the region every year to view the fall foliage and enjoy the crisp Appalachian air. One such group had a Read More

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California Crossing Continues to Claim Kids’ Lives

According to many residents, Riverside, California railroad crossings have witnessed one too many fatal accidents involving the local youth population. The latest victim was a 15-year-old who stepped out in the early evening of October 11, 2013 for a quick bike ride. While the rider waited patiently for an eastbound Metrolink commuter train to pass, Read More

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Industrial Train Accidents: Financial Fallout Lasts Long After Clean-Up

The U.S. has seen a disturbing number of industrial railroad accidents on its expansive rail system during the past several years, due in large part to an energy boom in western states and the need to distribute oil. While the economy and unemployment rates have improved as a result, increased strain on the rails has Read More

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Second Major Train Tragedy of the Year North of the Border

After close to 50 lives were lost only a few months earlier in a rail accident that destroyed large swaths of a tourist and logging town in Quebec, recently Canada was again rocked by a tragic railroad disaster. While the exact cause remains unknown at press time, some of the facts of this gruesome crash Read More

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One Woman Dead and Several Injured in Train – Bus Collision

On Friday, April 26th 91-year-old Claudette Miller was killed and several people were injured when a freight train hit a small BART bus in Evans City, Pennsylvania. According to the train’s engineer, the bus had stopped on the tracks and was thrown several feet by the collision. Police believe the engineer sounded the train whistle Read More

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Am insurance bad faith verdict. A man and his wife were sitting in their parked pickup truck when they were struck and injured by a taxicab.
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