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August 2013
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Getting to the Bottom of Industrial Railroad Accidents

In light of the spate of recent high profile railway disasters in the United States and Canada, many experts are digging deeper to determine the causes of these railroad accidents. While human error plays a role in certain crashes, there are a variety of systemic issues that also affect safety. As the crude oil boom Read More

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Racing Trains at Railroad Crossings: A Recipe for Disaster

Motorists are playing a deadly game when they race across train crossings, attempting to traverse them before a rapidly approaching train arrives. While common sense dictates that this is never a good idea, every year motorists perish trying to save the few minutes they would spend waiting for trains to cross. Recent tragedy A 16-year-old Read More

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Boom Times for Railway Oil Transport

In recent years, western states have seen huge booms in oil production, creating thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in revenues. One of the primary factors contributing to the boom is oil extraction from the Bakken formation, a 200-square mile rock formation in North Dakota, which was made possible by the discovery of a Read More

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Rail Workers’ Fraudulent Disability Claims Not Taken Lightly

There are few events more tragic than sustaining a serious injury that prevents you from earning a living. The physical pain of the injury is frequently compounded by the panic that sets in once you realize the injury prevents you from performing your normal job functions. To alleviate the issues associated with this scenario, there Read More

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Headphone-Clad Teen Killed in Texas Train Accident

In what can only be described as a heartbreaking accident, teen victim Christopher Neves was struck and killed on train tracks in New Caney, Texas. Reports indicate that the train’s attempts to brake did not prevent the collision, nor did repeated blasts from the train’s horn.   Role of headphones   A key factor in Read More

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Canadian Rail Tragedy Provides Sobering Message to Midwesterners

North America was recently rocked by reports of one of the most devastating railway accidents in decades. The crash occurred in a quiet town called Lac-Mégantic in the Estrie region of Quebec, Canada. Just 22 miles from the U.S. border, the town has traditionally served as one of Quebec’s railroad and logging centers. The town’s Read More

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Ethanol on the Tracks

Manufactured from corn and other plant materials, ethanol has been touted as the future of renewable energy. Its use in automobile and truck fuels is almost universal, with most gasoline in the U.S. containing ethanol blends. Another widely used ethanol-based fuel is E85, which contains up to 83 percent ethanol and can be used in Read More

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Switzerland Latest Site of Major Passenger Train Crash

July came to a close with yet another major rail accident, which occurred near the Swiss countryside town of Granges-près-Marnand. This crash involved the head-on collision of two trains traveling in opposite directions, which left almost 35 passengers requiring medical treatment. The 24-year-old driver of the southbound train paid the ultimate price, losing his life Read More

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Passengers Injured in Train Collision with Dump Truck

At least seven passengers suffered minor injuries when a Metrolink train crashed into a dump truck that was on the tracks of the Antelope Valley line in Los Angeles. Five of the injured were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Emergency services reported that there was a lack of air conditioning, fresh air or Read More

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