A specialized area of personal injury law is electric shock accidents which cause terrible injuries and death. These types of accidents can occur for a number of reasons and depending on the location of your electrocution, who is responsible may be difficult to determine. As a result, the types of claims arising from these accidents are complex. Our attorneys are experienced in negligence and liability issues, finding the correct party responsible, and pursuing them for maximum damages.

At Yaeger & Jungbauer, we approach every potential client with warmth and understanding, our main goal is to seek just compensation for the victim(s) and their families. We recognize that the injuries you’ve suffered are life-altering for you and your loved ones and your stress does not just end with medical bills. Which is why we seek compensation not only for related medical bills of the past, present, and future but also for pain and suffering and income replacement if your accident has left you incapacitated and unable to work. 

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