Medical malpractice is an issue more common than often believed and when this tragedy befalls someone these victims can have many aspects of their lives greatly affected, including one’s financial wellbeing. If you have been treated by a medical professional and you feel it has resulted in medical malpractice, one of our experienced attorneys can help you receive compensation for

Lost wages,

Pain and suffering,

Permanent disability,

Loss of enjoyment of life,

Loss of future wages,

Past and future medical expenses, and

Loss of ability to earn money

These medical malpractice claims can include instances of wrongful death, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, surgical errors, misdiagnosis, and hypoxia. Without proper representation filing a medical malpractice claim could result in your medical provider’s insurance company compensating you lower than you deserve.

The attorneys at Yaeger & Jungbauer are here to help you navigate these tough claims and get you the damages you are entitled to.