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When Train Accidents Occur, Are Helping Hands Hard to Find?

For most people, helping the homeless means making a financial donation or volunteering at a food bank for those less fortunate than themselves. A San Francisco–area man recently seized an opportunity to literally lend a helping hand. When the man approached a rail crossing in his car on a Monday-midmorning jaunt in his car to Read More

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Utah Woman Fought the Law and the Train Won

Utah police in hot pursuit of a 29-year-old female suspect chased her right into two oncoming trains. The woman’s barely recognizable Mercedes remained at scene of the accident for hours, jammed underneath a locomotive and bearing witness to the damage a train can do when it collides with an automobile. While the assailant managed to Read More

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Train Accident Victims Charged with Trespassing on Railroad Property

A Kansas man who serves in the U.S. Army is one of the nation’s most recent train accident victims. The 25-year-old private was walking along railroad tracks in Topeka, listening to his headphones, when train crew members spotted him. Blasts of the train’s horn apparently went unnoticed and despite hitting the emergency brakes, the train Read More

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Is the Wisconsin State Supreme Court Going to Allow a Railroad Lawsuit to Proceed?

In a heart-stopping 2009 collision, a young Wisconsin mother’s van became stuck on railroad tracks between crossing gates right before a popular Memorial Day parade began. A local police officer freed the woman and returned to the vehicle with her husband to save their 2-year-old child, who was strapped into the van’s backseat. While the Read More

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New Technology Addresses Fatigue-Related Rail Accidents

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced that the probable cause of a major train crash in Iowa was driver fatigue. The crash killed two train workers when a coal freighter barreled into a stationary train near Red Oak. The coal train’s conductor and engineer did not survive. The NTSB investigation revealed that both crewmembers Read More

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Industrial Train Accidents: Financial Fallout Lasts Long After Clean-Up

The U.S. has seen a disturbing number of industrial railroad accidents on its expansive rail system during the past several years, due in large part to an energy boom in western states and the need to distribute oil. While the economy and unemployment rates have improved as a result, increased strain on the rails has Read More

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FELA Claim: File It or Forget It – Waiting Might Mean Waiver

A West Virginia court recently dealt a devastating blow to a railroad worker who devoted 30 years of his life to East Coast railway giant CSX Transportation. The man had suffered severe back pain beginning in the 1980s, which he and his doctors demonstrated was caused by the countless hours the man spent on CSX Read More

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Going Nuclear: Radioactive Waste on the Rails

Due to major breakthroughs in extraction technology and oil removal methods, oil production in the U.S. continues to soar. The primary reason for these advances is major increases in production in North Dakota and Texas, which show no signs of slowing. There are literally millions of barrels of oil produced each day, using a process Read More

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